Activity Log

Real Time Logging and Identify suspicious behaviour

Activity log

Most Detailed Low Level Log Any User, Guest or Admin Activity. Record User Changes

User Tracking

You can Track and view User History Activity or Actions, Simplify Troubleshooting

Control Activity

Define your own rules and based on Criteria Block specific activities, Logout specific user

You will know everything

With Activity Log Plugin you can track any click, Spot Suspicious Behaviour and know who changed content on your website, install/remove plugin file editing, wrong login or any other activity

Perfect for WordPress website owners

No more hidden Activities, for each user you can track complete history changes or actions taken.

Take control into your hands, be alerted, block users, make reports, save logs to cloud, disable brute force attacks on login forms, or logout specific user immediately.

Perfect solution
for small business

When you employ Freelancers, have other authors or admins on your website, or even when you testing something is very important to have all logs for easy troubleshooting.

Simple Pricing for Your Team

Very reasonable pricing, most features and lower price then competition

$0.00 / mo
  • Hide logs by criteria
  • General Search FIlter
  • Detail Search Filters
  • Disable User Sessions
  • See logged users
  • Favourite logs
  • User tracking
  • View changes in posts
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$2.99 / mo
  • All Free Features
  • All level logs
  • Email Notifications
  • Block Activity
  • Unlimited days logging
  • Block users on fail attemps
  • Log reports
  • Automated Reports by Email
  • Live Monitoring
  • Log By User Role
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$3.99 / mo
  • All Standard Features
  • Cloud integration
  • Priority Support
  • SMS Alerts
  • WhatsApp Alerts
  • Sessions CSV Export
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Log Activity for Your WordPress Website