Released 1.0.6, few new sales and ideas

We released 3 updates from my previous blog post, so many new features based on our first 3 paid client ideas and professional outsourced reviewer.

Many new features coming, so stay tuned 😉


  • Datepicker for dates in filter
  • In user sessions added button to show all activities related to user
  • SMS notifications alerts with Clickatell services API
  • WhatsApp notifications alerts with Clickatell services API
  • SMS notifications alerts with services API
  • SMS notifications alerts with services API
  • In settings add option to hide widget in dash
  • Log by specific user role settings
  • Sessions CSV Export


  • Save Filters feature
  • Session block username
  • Cloud integration testing page
  • Unblock link now possible to download directly
  • Levels description on reports and cloud
  • Save as Favourite better description
  • Mod php sockets better description
  • Search placeholder
  • Translation for Croatian
  • Level description on view logs
  • Link on log description while track user
  • Dash widget fix
  • Block user login by username in sessions
  • Layout fixes
  • fix function wmvc_show_data on array


  • Checkbox for disable hints/questions/videos in settings
  • Roles added and possible to select more roles with access in settings
  • Session time calculation fix

Released 1.0.3, first sales and improvements

We released Released 1.0.3 with many improvement like

  • Add videos in WordPress Dashboard
  • Reports improvement search by description
  • Session export and session time added for client
  • Some fixes related to cloud log and reports
  • Reduce size
  • Layout improvements
  • Log Filtering more intuitive

Tutorials page added in menu with all related video tutorials

Menu new videos added after previous post, please check all on my YouTube channel:

Thank you very much, we have first sale goes to Las Vegas! Thanks on supporting our work!

We also engaged private professional reviewer to review our plugin, receive some valuable feedback and working on improvements to make it even better for you!

We looking forward and all suggestion will be great from you, If you have any suggestion please let me know via support form inside plugin, Thanks!

Released 1.0.2 and Start YouTube channel

Today we started YouTube Channel:

New Features:

  • Custom design added to Activity Log Plugin related pages, nice table, button colors and layout improvements
  • Also possible to enable this custom design in complete WordPress dash
  • Buttons for hide/block/favourites/remove Activity Log now added also to Activity Log edit page
  • We started official website , Facebook Group and Twitter

Plugin officially released 1.0.1

Today we released Our Activity Log WordPress Plugin in WordPress repository:

What does this plugin do better then other?